Hello.  My name is Stefanie and I became lactose intolerant as an adult.  The foodie in me mourned the loss of butter, milk and cheese.  Out of necessity I started to convert my most treasured recipes into dairy free dishes that I could enjoy and my family loved.  You will notice that almost all of my dishes are super easy to make and require very little prep.  We all want to eat well, but we don’t want to spend hours cooking.  I also aim to make each dish heart healthy and full of protein so that my kids are eating well (even if they don’t know it).  So, whether you are watching your waistline, allergic to dairy or trying to lower your cholesterol I hope that these recipes become a mainstay in your home as well.  So, go ahead and “Ditch the Dairy Darling” and never look back.  (Except maybe at a cannoli or an ice cream sundae – I can’t fault you for that!)